Alna Muslim Women

She turned muslima and died a shahieda because she refused to obey her husband and say that he farao was her God. Muslim Girl Names. Find Name: Found Islamic names begin with 'A' for Muslim Girls. Muslim Boy Names. Every time an act of terror or shooting occurs, Muslims closely watch the news with extreme trepidation praying that the suspect is not Muslim. This is not because these terrorists are likely to be Muslim but rather because in the instances where they happen to be, we see amplified mass media coverage and extreme unjustified hatred towards Muslims. As a Muslim, I am tired of condemning terrorist attacks being carried out by inherently violent people who hijack my religion. I am tired of condemning these attacks to people who are calm and apathetic when Muslims are killed by these same radicalized terrorists. I am tired of hearing the word "terrorist" not being used when the suspect in a terrorist attack is a non-Muslim. I am tired of the "mentally disabled" excuse being recycled when the suspect in a terrorist attack is a Caucasian. I am tired of seeing hundreds of terrorist attacks carried out by non-Muslims not get the same coverage of even a single terrorist attack where the suspect happens to be Muslim.

As a Muslim American who continually strives to do everything I can for the betterment of my community and this nation, I am tired of being asked to apologize and condemn terrorism that I have absolutely nothing to do with. All it takes is a simple Google search of any terrorist attack to find the plethora of Muslims publicly condemning it. And here is an example of how Muslims all across the world condemned the Paris attacks. And just as I shouldn't have to reassure you each morning that the sky is still blue, Muslims should not have to reassure you that we still condemn terrorism every single time a terrorist attack occurs. This is what being a Muslim in America today feels like. Muslims condemn terrorism, we always have.

Omar, in addition to being one of the first Muslim women in Congress, will also be the first Somali-American member. Only two other Muslims have been elected to Congress, and both are men currently in office: Ellison and Indiana Democratic Rep. Omar, a refugee from Somalia, is the first Somali-American Muslim woman to hold public office. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress.

Muslims are not terrorists. This means that you are 25 times more likely to get struck by lightening before dying in a plane accident and even more likely to be struck by lightening than die from a terrorist attack on an airplane that involves a Muslim. Earlier this past week, a Muslim college student was removed from a Southwest plane because of the " potentially threatening comments " he made onboard. Well Islamophobia is the modern day "cooties" because you have no logical reason as to why you should fear Muslims, you are more likely to be a victim of a terrorist attack by a non-Muslim than a Muslim, and you have no evidence that tells you to fear an entire religious group of 1. My response to this is to empty your hearts of this unjustified fear and fill your minds with this fact: This means you are more likely to die from choking on airplane food than from a terrorist attack on an airplane that involves a Muslim. Meanwhile, not a single American would have been harmed by a Muslim as all of this is happening.

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It dawned on me that if I was not fulfilling this precondition, then I really could not claim to be Muslim. Yet praying the five daily prayers, at their prescribed times, is the backbone of being a Muslim; we cannot stand upright in our faith without them.

Alna Muslim Women
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